Safe Kids Initiative


We are looking for parent volunteers to help assist kids across the street before and after school.  This would take less than 10 minutes of your day and would greatly help with safety at our school.
We need your help.

If you are available to help for 1 day a week, a whole week at a time, or whatever works for your schedule, please email or Mrs. Richter. We have contacted the Lincoln Police Department.  They have suggested we continue to monitor the situation and notify them of consistent violations.  We do not want to take these measures. 

It is very important that students only enter and exit on the curb side and cross only at the crosswalks.  Please do not stop in the middle of NW 10th or any other street.  You must pull up to the curb to drop off and pick up.  We understand this becomes more difficult with the recent snow but we want our students to be safe at all times.  It is posted that there is no stopping on the west side of NW 10th street in certain areas.  We also ask that you not park within 25 feet of any crosswalk or intersection to allow for needed visibility of the students in these areas.  This includes the crosswalks on W. Harvest, NW 10th, and W Burt as well as both intersections of NW 10th and W. Harvest.

Please share this information with any person who may be dropping off or picking up your student(s).

Thanks for your cooperation.  Together we can KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE!

The Fredstrom PTO