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Box Tops for Education

Have you seen these little “tickets” on a product in your pantry or cleaning closet?  If so, DON’T TOSS IT. CLIP IT!  Each one of these Box Tops that you clip and turn in is worth 10¢ for Fredstrom Elementary. I know, 10¢ doesn’t sound like much, but on average Fredstrom receives $2,600 each year and our lifetime earnings are over $34,000.


Each year we set a school-wide goal for how much we hope to earn. For the past several years we have set a goal of $3,000 and fallen just short of that level.  If EVERY student at Fredstrom turned in 75 Box Tops, we would blow the top off of our goal of $3,000!!  Each grade level team also sets a goal, so ask your child how many Box Tops they are trying to collect and what reward they will earn in if they meet their goal!


We have lofty goals so, ask your grandma, ask your aunt, ask your neighbor to clip and save for you.  When clipping your Box Tops make sure to cut along the dashed line.  Box Tops are not valid if the expiration date is not intact and readable.  Pleas also make sure Box Tops have not expired.


You can also sign up at btfe.com and get exclusive chances to win extra Box Tops.

Thanks for your support and Keep on Clippin’!


Earnings History:

Total Lifetime Earnings = $34,104

2015-2016 -->  $2660

2014-2015 -->  $2311

2013-2014 -->  $3061

2012-2013 -->  $2685

2011-2012 -->  $2819

2010-2011 -->  $2554

2009-2010 -->  $2026

2008-2009 -->  $2997

Fredstrom PTO,
Aug 7, 2012, 11:08 PM